Saturday, September 17, 2011

Report Writing: Tips and Sample of Report

Basically, you are required to know several types of reports, which are:

  1. Society/School Report
  2. Report to the Principal
  3. Police Report
  4. News Report
  5. Book Report
Now, it is ridiculous to study all types of report, when you might find out that only certain type of report usually come out in the examination. Nonetheless, it is not harmful to learn all of it. Let's do quick review what kind of reports usually come out in the SPM examination?

                 SPM 2004 - A report to the principal    &  SPM 2009 - A report to the principal

What it means, you only have to learn the report to the principal seeing that it is more relevant to the students, and don't waste your time to put so much emphasis on other types of reports, well, keep your fingers crossed that it stays like this. 

Let's zoom in, what is exactly and how it looks like, the Report to the Principal. Beforehand, this kind of report is a formal account of an incident which happened in school. The purpose is for the principal as to carry out an investigation and take action. Thus, the report is addressed to the school principal. 

Format (This is just suggestion, by the way, the maximum marks for report is usually around 3)

Step 1: The first part is as follows (Just suggestion, no harm to follow):

To: __________________
From: ________________
Subject: ______________
Date: ________________

Step 2: Address the receiver, write down the name of principal and the school as well. 

Step 3:  Next line, write down the name of the sender (May be omitted cuz we know the sender from the signature, that's common sense. )

Step 4: Next two lines, the subject and date of the report.

Step 5: Write your report in sections or paragraphs.

Step 6: It is MOSTLY written in PAST TENSE. Do remember that, you are reporting.

Step 7: End your report with a clear ending, by making an inference/ suggestion.

Step 8: Lastly, don't forget to sign your report on the left-hand side. You may include your post if you have one. 

As I mentioned, there are various formats; nevertheless, as long as you stick to the 3 vital formats: To whom, Title and Name of the Sender. That's my 2 cents. :)


This is how the marks being awarded:


Anonymous said...

Sir, should we put the date?

Eric Constantine said...

not necessary..even if u put the date, no harm. no marks deduction for not putting the date. :)at the end of the day, they just want to see the format, and the content of the directed writing.

Anonymous said...

if they ask for it, is it necessary?

Anonymous said...

How about if we are returned from a leadership camp, the question need us to put date and place,is date for the period for the camp or when the report wrote ?

Eric Constantine said...

first thing first, always read the question carefully. if the question demands you to insert the date and place, thus, you are required to do so. Knowing the word common sense, it makes more even logical that you are reporting on past event, eg. leadership camp with the date and place.

now in your report, you can report the date of that participated event. and another date will be the day that you have written the report. those two dates are definitely different in its function.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info..very helpful..