Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Directed Writing - Speech

Paper 1: Section A (35 marks)

How to ensure that you score full marks?

1. Greetings
In your introduction, it is important for you to write your greetings beforehand, eg. Good morning to the Principal of SMK ... Always remember, when you do your salutation, you should start from the highest position to the lowest, that's the protocol system. 

2. Purpose of your speech/talk: topic of the day
In your introduction, you must mention the purpose of your speech or your topic of the day. Do give brief reason of your choice. 

3. Points
You are given several points as your guideline. Before you start scrambling your thoughts on that piece of paper, why not brainstorm or do mind map first. I have always reminded the students to follow this easy steps: the 3E's, which stands for explain, example and elaborate. Moreover, you are highly recommended to add another two points as to increase your marks. 
3E's: Explain, Example and Elaborate

4.  Language
Grammar has always been the greatest concern. Most of the marks come from here, 20 marks. That's quite a lot isn't it. 

3C's: Coherence, Connectors, and Clarity
GVO: Grammar, Vocabulary, Organisation

5. How many pages?
You don't have to write up to 2 pages because this is not continuous writing section; thus, just write about one page, and that's the reason why it is called as Directed Writing. One page should be okay, unless you have giant writing font, which require at least 2 pages. 

6. Ending
Don't forget to end your speech with 'Thank you'. That's common sense, okay. 


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